Our Philosophy

Kuipers Inflight Services BV is a supplier that specializes in good service, short leadtimes, personal attention and quality products.

We are firmly committed to offer the best in terms of design, quality and service to all customers at all time. We are also strongly convinced that our reputation is based on each individual user’s satisfaction, and that business only exists where there is good reputation
The organization covers a broad range of Inflight products from meal/bar carts, containers, ovenracks and drawers to headsets, blankets, coffee jugs etc.

Our tradition of experience dates back to 1999 and continues today as we provide meaningful professional assistance and solutions customized to meet your needs.

Our customers have come to expect that each of our products will be provided with our signature passion for quality and the unparalleled expertise and precision achieved after more than 17 years of experience in the global aviation industry.