Our Philosophy

Kuipers Inflight Services BV is a supplier that specializes in good service, short leadtimes, personal attention and quality products.

We are firmly committed to offer the best in terms of design, quality and service to all customers at all time. We are also strongly convinced that our reputation is based on each individual user’s satisfaction, and that business only exists where there is good reputation
The organization covers a broad range of Inflight products from meal/bar carts, containers, ovenracks and drawers to headsets, blankets, coffee jugs etc.

Our tradition of experience dates back to 1999 and continues today as we provide meaningful professional assistance and solutions customized to meet your needs.

Our customers have come to expect that each of our products will be provided with our signature passion for quality and the unparalleled expertise and precision achieved after more than 17 years of experience in the global aviation industry.

Special offers


Galley equipment
Comfort items
Cabin equipment
Thermo Catering Box

Insulated box for Atlas Standard Units.
Ideal for transporting cold & hot food, drinks etc.
The box has been made out of very light weight and strong material
Exterior: 35 x 25,5 x 21cm
Interior: 31 x 22 x 13,5cm
Capacity: 9 liter

Airline Standard Containers

Standard Unit with slam-shut lock
Atlas Container & KSSU Container in various sizes available from stock.
All containers are delivered with an EASA Form 1.
Containers can be manufactured according to your dimensions or samples in weeks time.

Airline Atlas Oveninserts

Atlas Ovenrack with Oven Shelves
48 meals and 32 meals configuration, in Atlas & KSSU standard available from stock

Bottle Rack Holder

Material: Aluminium
Comes in 2 sizes: 12cm & 6cm height.
For more information contact us.

Airline Atlas Drawers

Aluminium and polypropylene drawer
Both available in Atlas & KSSU standard available from stock & can be marked with your name and logo.

Atlas Cardboard Drawers

Atlas Eco Disposable Cardboard Drawer
Can be printed with name/logo or advertising details
Liquid-proof (plastic coating)
Utilized for meal/bar & promotional purposes

Airline Aircraft Trolleys

Atlas Trolley & KSSU Trolley
All trolleys are delivered with an EASA Form 1.
We also supply non-aviation trolleys such as train trolleys.
All available from stock.


24 & 15 glasses configuration in Atlas standard with fixed dividers

Logo Plates
Identify your Trollies & Containers by adding a custom designed polycarbonate logo plate to the door.
The plates will be supplied with your name & logo in full colour.
For extra strength the plates are equipped with a 3M double-sided tape and therefore easy to attach to the doors.
Dimensions: 13x3cm or 10x4cm

They come in Atlas & KSSU standard
Various colours and sizes.

Security Seals

Disposable and rotable seals for trollies & containers.
Tail size: 15cm
Various colours available
Polypropyleen material
Minium hole size for tail to pass through: 3.0 x 2.0mm. Diameter Ø : 3.7mm
Sequentially marked via unique numbers.
Seals can be marked with your name & logo in colour.
Supplied in strips of 10 for easy handling.
Pull strenght: up to 9.5kg with tear line.

Security Seals

Disposable and rotable seals for trollies & containers.
Pull Seal 200mm
Material : Polypropyleen
Colour: Various colours available.
Locking strenght : 15 kg
Dimensions tale : Length 200 mm
Print : Name / logo/ numbers via laserengraving
Sequentially marked via unique numbers.
Packing: 1000pcs per box, 10pcs per strip

Comb Dividers

Comb dividers for atlas standard drawers.
Long one : L 360 mm – H 75 mm
Short one : L 215 mm – H 75 mm

Galley Brewing Pots
Ergonomic Jug
Coffe/Tea/Juice Jug
Colour: blue & Grey
Capacity: 1.5lts
Empty weight: 250 grams
Material: Polycarbonate
Comes with ergonomic handle
Jugs & Lids can be marked with your name/logo in 1 colour

Size: 230x70mm


Heat resistant to 250 degrees
Celsius Size: 44×14,5cm Weight: 110 g


Heat resistant to 250 degrees
Five fingers, can be used for both left and right hand
Length: approx. 35cm

Stainless Steel Ice tongs

Length: 165mm (6.5inch)

Stainless Steel Icebucket

Comes with pair of ice tongs
H (with lid) 184mm
H (without lid) 150mm
Ø: 130mm
Holds 1.35lts

Polycarbonate Ice container

(the right one) Large 5lts
Dimensions Top out 200mm square x 200mm
high Base 165 x 165mm square
Material: Polycarbonate Crystal

Polycarbonate Ice container

Dimensions: 240 (l) x 85 (w) x 105 (h) mm
Material: Polycarbonate Crystal

Coolbag & Icepacks

Coolbag fits in standard Atlas container.
Dimensions: Depth 360mm, Width 220mm, Height 230mm
Weight: Approx. 370grams
Icepack fits in an atlas standard drawer/atlas standard unit or coolbag.
Dimensions: Depth 325mm, Width 248mm, Height 12mm

Airline Headsets

Earplug Style Headset 1-pin plug with adapter for 2–pin plug
300 & 32 ohms
headsets can be marked with your logo
Leadtime: Immediately ex works Holland

Airline Headsets

Earclip Style Headset
300 & 32 ohms
available with flex, 1-pin or 2-pin plug
headsets can be marked with your logo
Leadtime: Immediately ex works Holland.

Stainless Steel Coffeepot

Capacity: 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 lts

Airline Headrest covers

Non-woven polypropylene or viscose material.
Logo can printed up to 6 colours. Headrest covers are designed with the promotional needs of your customers in mind, for seats in aircraft, trains, ships, ferries, busses, cinemas, theatres, conferences etc. Min. qty: 200pcs

Polar Fleece Blankets

Size: 100 x 150 cm
Material: Fleece FR, 135gm
Blankets come with FAR25853-b non-flamability certificate
Available from stock The Netherlands

Disposable blanket

Size: 100 x 150 cm
We can supply these blankets in large quantities within days with or without logo.
Material: 100% FR PP fibre
Blankets come with FAR25853-b non-flamability certificate

Pillows & covers

For First & Economy Class
Non-woven polypropylene material.
Logo can printed.
Silicone sealed polyester hollow fibre.

Airplane Sickness Vomit bags

Size: 125x80x237mm.
Option: vertical closing clip & “tear-off to open” system
You have your airsickness bags printed fast and cheap
Colours: 1 to 4 colours (Pantone U system), full-tone

Hot Towels

8/12/18/20 or 40 pcs per tray
100% Cotton
Colour: White
With Tweezer

Refreshing Towels

Lemon Fragrance
Folded 70x50mm
Unfolded 100x140mm

Sleeping Overnight Kit

1 x Polyester fleece blanket
1 x Eyemask
1 x Blow up pillow

Amenity Kit/Toilet bag

1 x Nylon Zipper bag
1 x Eyemask
1 x Colgate tooth paste set
1 x hairbrush with build in mirror

Inflatable Pillow
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Used equipment

Available in used but good serviceable condition:

  • KSSU trolleys
  • KSSU containers
  • KSSU drawers
  • Atlas trolleys
  • Atlas containers
  • Atlas drawers

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